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Kamis, 26 Juni 2014

#Kpop Secret : 16 Tips K-idol + 4 Tips from Korean Diet Menu!


Hi everybody~ it was a long time, i'm disappeared #lol

Now we are talking about 'korean/ kpop idol diet'. If we talk about a diet that is always there in mind we are 'losing weight', 'heavy exercise', 'eat a little' and others..
Surely I'm not interested in the diet, but because of curiosity therefore I started to open up some blogs and websites about this. And  I found some good articles behind the kpop idol perfect body.

1.  SISTAR's Dasom and Soyou

"I was so gluttonous. I ate ramen and two bowls of rice at once. However, I had to lose weight. One day, I stuffed my mouth with chicken and spat it out right away. I just had a taste of it because I had craving for chicken." - Sistar's Dasom
 For me, the diet is... Hell no please.. this is to hard i think. You just eat one-meal-a-day.

2. Nine Muses
 Girl group Nine Muses revealed their unique way of dieting and the famous filling a glass with 2/3 cup rice and 1/3 part of the side dishes. These girls reasoned that the way the diet allows them to eat different things within the same limits, thus helping them to feel satisfied with the food.
For me this diet is quite interesting to try because of the small container with a full portion, automatically we will feel full of food because we have a 'full portion'

3. Secret

SECRET girlband prefer high protein and low carbohydrate diet. So they only eat fish, fisheries, tofu, milk but reduce their intake of rice as a staple food and replace it with potatoes. Not to forget they add vegetables as fiber to their bodies. Here's the schedule of their weekly diet:

- Morning: 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, 1 sweet potato.
- Lunch: chicken breast salad.
- Night: 8 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber.

- Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk.
- Lunch: 1 sweet potato.
- Night: 8 strawberries, cherry tomatoes 5.

- Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk.
- Lunch: 1 sweet potato, cherry tomatoes 5.
- Night: 5 strawberries, 1 cucumber.

- Morning: 1 toast, low-fat milk.
- Lunch: chicken breast, 8 strawberries.
- Night: 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber.

- Morning: 1 toast, 1 apple.
- Lunch: 3 telurm 1 cucumber, cherry tomatoes 5.
- Night: 10 strawberries, 1 cucumber.

- Morning: I toast, low-fat milk.
- Lunch: 1 sweet potato.
- Evening: 1 out, 3 cherry tomatoes. 

 4. SNSD
SNSD killer legs~ :O


SNSD members have a more complicated diet for their dietary intake, ie 1500 Kcal / day. This girlband consume some food consisting of rice, grilled chicken breast (just baked not fried), steamed broccoli, and other vegetables are alternated for breakfast. As for lunch, they mengasuup nutrition of rice, grilled chicken breast, cabbage, salad peppers, and almonds. For dinner, the girls eat potatoes, eggs, cabbage, peppers and salad.

Girls' Generation (SNSD) they are known to not be overly emphasized diet, they only focus on sports, but when they were getting ready for a special event or performance, they also pay attention to diet, reducing the consumption of junk food and diet food menu.

There are som
e members such as Seohyun who often consuming 230 kcal snack size or wheat bread, low-fat milk / soy milk, baby tomatoes, almonds, or walnuts. The members are also allowed to choose what they want as well.

And for the dinner menu, they consume 260 kcal of sweet potatoes, eggs (one yolk), cabbage and bell pepper salad.

5. IU

 IU eats an apple, two sweet potatoes and a cup of protein drink throughout the day.
Some other idol stars try to eat several small meals throughout the day. Here's IU's menu. An apple, two sweet potatoes and a cup of protein drink. These are IU's three square meals!

Of course, IU is combining both diet and exercise. She does a high-energy workout such as
walking up stairs and push-ups.

6. Park Bom 2NE1

2NE1 Bom is known to have "selfish body" alias beautiful body that just had a. It turns out to acquire the body beautiful Park Bom strict vegetable diet. She often eat salads that are known to be able to make us feel full because of the high fiber content. And when hungry at night, Park Bom avoid fatty foods and simply grilled corn. According to him the secret of her legs was also obtained from corn.

7. Yoon Eun Hye
Yoon Eun Hye on a diet in 1600 Kcal / day. Intake consists of:

- Morning: 170 grams of rice, bean soup, boiled eggs, corn salad and vegetable / kimchi.
- Lunch: 170 grams of rice, crab soup, potatoes, salad, boiled peanuts and kimchi.
- Afternoon snack: 1/2 bag of corn cakes, cherry tomatoes 200 gr.
- Evening: 170 g rice, mushroom soup, baked herring, beans, kimchi, stir-fried butterbur.
- Snacks night: 10 ~ 20 strawberries

8. UEE After School

 UEE has become a hot topic after she revealed how her diet. She stated, "I usually bring a place to eat lunch alone." Uee also added that he usually makes his own drink made ​​from grain. She explains, "This drink contains black beans, wheat, rice, soy milk, and honey, so it can be used as a substitute for one meal."

Uee containing lunch of rice, tofu with dried bonito and chicken breast salad. In total, a bowl of brown rice is 150 Kcal, 110 Kcal grain beverages, and chicken salad is 205 Kcal. Overall, the meal servings per day Uee not exceed 1000 Kcal.

9. Navi
Singer Navi never have problems gaining weight and problem skin problems while working on the music and aher album. Chefs who knew and recommended that she go on a diet Thailand salad. Thai salads containing fruit, vegetables, and fish, fisheries are good for the skin and body. The salad contains grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, octopus, shrimp, and more vegetables. Wine itself lowers cholesterol and helps fight skin aging, cherry tomatoes can break down fat, while shrimp has a lot of protein content. Thai Salad by Navi is ideally menu for dieting.
10. Nicole KARA

Nicole confessed that he dropped more than 3 kilograms when she did this the Danish diet. This diet is known as a diet that is done in the Royal Danish Hospital, which is very tight with high protein and low calorie for 13 days. Most diet plans focus on animal protein. So she prefers to eat meat but reduce the intake of other foods. The meat should be good quality meat, free of fat and salaries. 
11. Jung Hye Young
Her diet meals is..
 - Morning: 1 piece chicken breast, 1 sweet potato, 1 cup milk, and vitamins.
- Lunch: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 sweet potato, and broccoli
- Afternoon snack: a maximum of 10 cherry tomatoes.
- Evening: 1 piece of chicken breast and 1 potato
12. Seo In Jung

Actress Seo Jung In is known to be on a diet of bananas to make her stay slim. Banana diet itself is now popularly known as "glamorous diet" because it can make your face look smaller, burn fat in the waist and abdomen, and make the chest look tebih volume.

Seo In Young divulge that a month before she released the album, she was able to eliminate the 6 kg in 4 weeks with this banana diet. The diet plan:

- Morning: 1-2 bananas + 2 glasses of water.
- Lunch: snacks that are not greasy and unhealthy calories are in the table does not contain saturated fat and less carbohydrates.
- When feeling hungry late day: 1/2 - 1 banana.
- Dinner: Food made ​​of rice and spices.
13. Stellar
 Stellar girls had a simple way of dieting. They only packed lunch from home and refused to eat outside, especially junk food. So, they can control themselves whatever they eat include calculating the amount of calories their body. Dangan calories so they will stay awake and stay fit despite being in a period of dieting
14. Seo In Guk
 The winners "Super Star K" Seo In Gook diet exposed on the internet. Only 1,200 Kcal daily calories. 1200 kcal for men?? To me this is a deadly diet. He dropped 15 kilograms in 3 months. In the menu, it does not consume carbohydrates from the rice. He ate almonds, chicken breast, and all the food is boiled. According fried foods, egg yolks, and animal offal is a vital food will make the body feel heavy.
15. Changmin 2AM

Changmin to be the center of attention when he revealed her diet menu. Despite weighing 100kg never reach, he can transform into a handsome and muscular man weighing 70kg through diet consistently doing for 5 years. He keep the calories and saturated fat intake into the body by always reading the tables in the food parcels that would he eat. And the following foods daily:

- Morning: multi-vitamin, 1 medium-size sweet potatoes, low-fat milk, 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites
- Lunch: 1 chicken breast, 1 medium sized potato, salad without dressing
- Afternoon snack: 4 egg whites, 1/2 potato
- Evening: 1 chicken breast or 7 egg whites (if hungry, eat a salad)
- After exercise: 1/2 apple, 15 minutes later, 1 tablet proteins.
16. Wheesung
 Wheesung reveals diet secrets that made ​​him lost 7 kilograms in 3 weeks via twitter (okay, this is super crazy diet) . The nickname "deadly diet", which slowly became popular. To lose weight, everyday he just ate smoked chicken breast and salad without dressing. And when he was hungry, he ate almonds as a snack cake substitute. To maintain nutritional needs, she take vitamins and drink water twice the usual amount of water she drank.
 How about Korean tips?
 1.  Eat Less

If you must only take away one point from this post, take away this point:  Koreans are slim because they eat less. Forget all those gimmicky diets for a minute, and focus on the obvious -- if you eat a lot, of course you will gain weight! As long as you lower the caloric intake enough,
 2.  Cook at Home

If you cook at home, you can control the portion, adjust the level of unhealthy elements in food, and avoid the delicious but unhealthy things with which restaurants and processed food companies cram their food. As the Korean said earlier, Koreans' eating habits are changing, and fewer Koreans eat home-cooked meals. But it has been the Korean's experience that Koreans eat at home more frequently.

To be fair, the fact that Koreans are more likely to eat home-cooked meal is not completely positive, because it is women who are staying home to cook. But as far as health and weight loss is concerned, there should be no question that home-cooked meals are better.
 3.  Eat More Vegetables

For this point, a picture will be better than a thousand words. A little bit of background is necessary here. The Korean Parents visited the Korean's house in the winter of 2010, and the Korean Mother prepared a party meal for the Korean In-Laws and some friends. This is what the prepared table looked like:

4.  Use Spices

Here is another defining characteristic of Korean cuisine -- it uses tons of spices and condiments. In fact, some of the spices and condiments are themselves a complicated dish. For example, this is how to make bean paste (doenjang 된 장):  boil beans, grind the boiled beans into pulp, shape the ground beans into large chunks, dry the chunks in a warm room, hang the chunks in the sun for a few months, soak the chunks in water for a month, then add salt and ferment for a few months. All this, for just one condiment!

The result of using so many spices and condiments is that although Korean food utilizes mostly simple, vegetable-based ingredients, the finished dish (when done correctly) ends up having a complicated, layered flavor profile. And this is what makes Korean vegetable dishes not just delicious, but addictive. This is especially true with kimchi, probably the most complex Korean vegetable dish.
source : ask korean, googling, allkpop. Please take all with full credit.

So, What do you think about korean diet? :)

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llama chan mengatakan...

Thank you so much
for posting this c:

I want to follow Secret's diet plan for starters but I have something I don't understand.
On friday lunch there's something called telurm but don't know what it is, can you please tell me what that is?

Thank you again (≧◡≦)

Elvira Laurencia mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Elvira Laurencia mengatakan...

Hi! I mean eggs :p Good luck with your diet and keep health! ^^

llama chan mengatakan...

Yes I will, thank you very much :3

Albert einstien mengatakan...

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Angelina Gan mengatakan...

Did anyone tried out Secret's diet plan? Did it worked?

Ain Nabilah mengatakan...
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Ain Nabilah mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Ain Nabilah mengatakan...

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rofika dilla mengatakan...

I just started this atkins diet 2 days ago...but i felt hungry in between meal...so what can i eat as snacks since fruits is prohibited in this diet?

warda alghamdi mengatakan...

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Elvira Laurencia mengatakan...

It's ok banana diet is so tasty and healthy! U can include fruits with low calories tomato cherry tomatoes and berries! ^^
Hope it helps~

Elvira Laurencia mengatakan...

Aww thanks so much!! Glad to hear it :))

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Unknown mengatakan...

and also, on Saturday, there's one meal under evening,

- Evening: 1 out, 3 cherry tomatoes.

What is 1 out??

Unknown mengatakan...

how come there's no meal plan for Sunday on Secret's Diet plan? Does that mean the diet only lasts for 6 days? what you should eat on the 7th day then?

and also, on Saturday, there's one meal under evening,

- Evening: 1 out, 3 cherry tomatoes.

What is 1 out??

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You can choose the simple weight loss exercises that regular exercise such as: walking, jogging, cycling, tennis, swimming with a time of 1 h 30 each day. Just make perseverance, at least 1-3 months to see results. research verified forskolin

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The most important weight loss tips to get amazing results from GM diet vegetarian plan are drinking a lot of water and following the diet chart without cheating.

hcg diet

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I read every bit of your article and loved it. I love it to consume natural things to loose some weight.I had heard about the benefits of turmeric for weight loss.it’s very effects on weight loss!

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The Red Tea Detox - Huge New Weight Loss Offer For 2018!
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Kolors weight loss clinic offers fast ways to lose weight, the best weight loss plan and healthy Best weight loss programs concentrating on obesity, weight loss management and fat loss.

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your wrting style is awsome.keep it up i just seen and updated post at The Health King about double chin and a full article about how to lose face fat and Double Chin.

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Cardio is a Waste of Time for Fat Loss

While the mainstream fitness media still insists that aerobic
exercise is a great way to lose weight, Turbulence Training users
know that interval training is the better way to burn body fat.

Still not convinced?

A recent study published by the North American Association for the
Study of Obesity, subjects aged 40 to 75 were instructed to do 60
minutes of aerobic exercise per day for 6 days per week for an
entire year.

Given the amount of exercise, you'd expect weight losses of 20, 30
pounds, or more, right?

Well, the surprise findings showed the average fat loss for female
subjects was only 4 pounds for the entire year, while men lost 6.6
pounds of fat over the year. That's over 300 hours of aerobic
exercise just to lose a measly 6 pounds of blubber. Not time well
spent, in my opinion.

So what's the better way? Stick with Turbulence Training, using
interval training and strength training to get better bodysculpting
results. With intervals, you'll achieve more fat burning results in
less workout time.

The next time you are out exercising, perform a session of interval
training. If you are walking or running outside, find an incline
that can challenge you for 60 seconds, then walk down for 60-120
seconds, and repeat up to 6 times.

If you walk or run on a treadmill, adjust the incline or speed to
safely increase the challenge for 60 seconds, then return to the
normal pace for 60-120 seconds, and repeat up to 6 times.

You can also use a rowing machine, bicycle or stationary bike, or
even an elliptical machine to do intervals.

But whatever you do, stay away from boring, ineffective cardio
exercise workouts and stick with Turbulence Training for your fat
burning program.

===> Fast fat loss workouts... <=====

Save time, burn fat,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

"I'm 25 and was seriously overweight at the start of this year. I've
been doing the TT for Fat Loss Workouts and after 5 months of
training. I've lost nearly 28lbs. I want to take this opportunity
to thank Craig for making your knowledge so accessible and your
articles and blogs that not only make us think about our
lifestyles, but encourage us to change them for better health."
Kevin Thow, Sydney, Australia

Get your very own copy of Turbulence Training & the Nutrition Guide here: ===> Cardio is a Waste of Time for Fat Loss <=====

"Turbulence Training makes so much sense and I really enjoy the
different workouts so never get bored. From an aussie that was
looking for something other than just another weight workout
with the same old moves this has been a real eye opener for me and
I have been telling my friends just how great the TT method is."
Kelli Tomkins, Australia

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