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Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

Tips from 13 k-idols and me : 'How to have a great skin like korean idol' + morning tips ^^

Who didn't interesting with korean idol flawless, white and also great skin? I believe everyone especially woman and girls want to have the skin like them >.<
While tey didn't use makeup, their skin still really smooth and dewy look. So, now i wanna share their and my tips to have the great skin like them ^^ (i don't have a good skin , but i will share some great tips from another beauty blogger ^^) enjoy~

1. Goo Ahra

Yeah, Goo Ahra was a part of girlband Kara and she have a smooth and elastic skin.
Goo Ahra's tips : She usually use cucumber slices. Just slice cucumber into a pieces then put them into your face (you can also put slices of cucumber to your eyes) and she also use a eyes mask for her fresh eyes. Besides mask, Goo Ahra also use moisturizer for her youthfull skin ^^

2. Suzy Miss A

Now, we talk about Suzy ^^ She usually use 4-2-4 rules. What's that? 
4.2.4 is the process of cleaning your face for 10 minutes:
- The first 4 minutes are used to clean the face with oil cleanser to remove impurities while massaging the face so that the blood circulation more smoothly.
- 2 minutes later is cleanse your face with facial soap. Make that a lot of foam with rubbing hands, and rubbed on the face. If it is too long to use soap, the skin can be dry.
- 4 minutes last is to clean the face with water. Suzy admitted he never dried his face with a towel, just pat her hand and touched his face until the water dries up.

3. Sohee Wonder Girls

Sohee smooth white skin come without any special treatment. Her skincare was so simple. Sohee said he only uses the general beauty products which are widely used another woman. "I always keep a bright hue of my face with a water spray (liquid spray face that usually contains water oxygen or moisture, it's facial mist), put on moisturizer, mask and sunscreen," said Sohee.

4. Tiffany SNSD

Tifanny SNSD members are known because she have a smooth and perfect skin and Tiffany eonnie is most routinely maintain healthy skin. Tiffany uncover the secrets of his skin is smooth manicured, 
"The most important thing is that you consistently take care of themselves," he said.
"If you want pretty, you must be busy. I sleep early and wake up very early., If necessary go to the clinic beauty treatments and do not forget to drink a lot of of water."

 5. Park Min Young

Several times this beautifull singer, Park Min Young wrote in a her Twitter account the secret for soft and smooth skin. The most important thing is getting enough sleep, Park Min Young always took time to sleep as much as possible in between the hectic schedule. "Do not forget to eat healthy food," so her message. According to Park Min Young, if the skin is not considered, the skin will be angry at you.

6.Sooyoung SNSD

Sooyoung confessed that beautiful skin can not be obtained and maintained for granted. This beautiful girl wearing several skin care products before bed. For Sooyoung, skin moisture is very important to note, he never forgot to wear a face mask before going to bed. In addition, he wears a lot of moisturizer. "Lately I started to take care of your hands and give as much moisturizer on my face," he said on Soshified

Then Sooyoung shared her skincare tips too on SBS's "Strong Heart" for its last episode,"In order to prevent the skin from losing moisture after washing my face, I apply essential oil" and "I only wash my face with water in the morning, I don't use any facial cleanser"

7. Nicole Kara

Nicole have a flawless and also vibrate skin. Girlband members are often short-haired Kara admits that she often wears a white mask eggs or honey mask if you're having problems on the skin. One more artists who use natural ingredients for beauty care. Nature always gives the best is not it? So, she used the nature products for her natural healthy skin too ^^

 8. Go So Young

This actress and also senior model is still beautiful right? Her skin still smooth and tight. The secret? Go So Young using banana mask to help prevent aging of the skin.
How to make it? You only need one banana, then crushed bananas and spread over the entire surface of your face except eye area and lips ^ ^
Not too difficult, smooth skin can be obtained from a variety of vitamins and nutrients present in bananas.

 9. Song Hye Gyo

A beautiful woman who is still charming despite her age started stepping 32 years old (but still think She like a 25 year age girl >. <). Song Hye Gyo who starred in one of Korean products 'Laneige' is saying that She does not like to wear makeup when not filming or shooting. "I always carry wipes face every day," said Song Hye Gyo at a photo session. In addition, diligent in drinking water, eating nutritious food, to a dermatologist and adequate rest. He also routinely face treatment to prevent aging and maintain skin beauty.
For food, Song Hye Kyo stays away from chocolate, coke, black tea and junk food. Instead she eats plenty of fruits, veggies and occasionally, eggs.

Song Hye Gyo's skincare tips :
  • She applies a egg white and honey mask, every fortnight, to whiten her skin. Use this just before bed time and it needs to be rinsed off once dry.
  • To brighten her skin and reduce fine lines, Song applies honey with water to her skin every fortnight. (I guess she must alternate)
  • She washes her face with milk. (And probably drinks a bit if she gets thirsty)
  • To make her face smaller, Song also massages her face with ice cubes

10. Go Hyun Jung

In 1989, she was a runner up for Miss Korea and by 1995, she had established herself as a well loved and talented new actress. However, she has a wonderfull acting skill and also perfect skin. In 2011, Go Hyun Jung published her skincare secrets titled “Go Hyun-Jung’s Texture”.  The beauty documentary was a bestseller and was sold out in just two days of its launch in Korea!

Go Hyun Jung's food tips :

  • Avoid salty and spicy food to maintain clear skin
  • Go loves grapefruit tea. It suppresses her appetite and keeps her regular. (Never heard of that tea before though…does citrus tea with honey count?)

Go Hyun Jung's cleansing tips :
  • Wash your hands before applying any makeup or skincare. Avoid facial interaction with your hands apart from when cleansing and applying skincare.
  • When washing your face, mix foaming cleanser with warm water and work up a foam the size of an egg. Start from behind the ears and the jawline, and once the cleanser is warmed up, move towards the center of your face.
  • Breakouts can be treated naturally by wash affected areas with salted lukewarm water to sanitize the area and prevent it from worsening.

Go Hyun Jung's skincare tips :
  • Skincare should be applied from the center and outwards. For neck cream, start from beside the jawline down to the decolletage in an outward ‘C shape’ motion.
  • Apply skincare once it is warmed up in your hands, and press both palms onto your face to improve absorption.
  • Discards skincare after 2 months of use for hygiene.

11. Yoona SNSD

Everbody know Yoona right? ^^ She was a face in girlband named SNSD. 
For Yoona , secrets for looking good is to have healthy skin , because it is aware of personal hygiene is important .
" Cleaning the skin on a regular basis is essential . Moreover we have to sleep enough to keep skin healthy and able to regenerate properly . "" Often fatigue makes me dry skin because I diligently put moisturizing cream for the face . To make-up and other skin care products too , I always choose the product contains a lot of moisture,""In addition , in order to use skin care products are absorbed better , soak a small towel in warm water , wring it out and stick it on your face for a few moments.""If I've acne but the next day I had to shoot or photo shoot , I will eliminate it by using a cotton swab and dip it slightly in saline solution , then applied evenly and thoroughly on the breakouts and the surrounding area . Afterwards, I apply a new acne removal medication on top . "Note :Saline solution is a sterile salt water is usually used for axmengobati or prevent infections of the skin . It is a lot of health products sold in pharmacies or drug stores .

 12. Jessica SNSD

And for Jessica eonnie tips i will take her interview in Beauty+ ^^

"After outdoor activities, I make sure to wash my face cleanly and meticulously apply moisturizer on my skin to prevent it from becoming dry. I normally carry around moisturizer and mist, and try my best not to lose any moisture in my skin. I think of it as the most basic skin management."

"And before sleeping, it’s really nice to use a sleeping facial pack. It helps to prevent moisture from slipping out throughout the night, and I get in a good mood when I wash my face in the morning."

"No matter how late my schedule ends, I never forget to wash my face before sleeping. I use cleansing products differently depending on the facial region. Especially around the sensitive eyes, I use a water-type cleanser to decrease any irritation."

"I always rinse my face with cold water after washing it and apply sunscreen before going out like a habit. It’s good not forgetting these things."

13. Sulli f(x) and Key Shinee

A representative of “Get It Beauty Self” commented, “Sulli received a big round of applause from the production team for her professional makeup skills that was beyond her age. This episode shows you how to achieve Sulli’s porcelain skin effect and reveals several tips, so be sure to watch the episode.”

“Get It beauty Self” is a brief two-minute show that stars both celebrities and non-celeb females, who give their makeup or skincare tips to viewers.The show introduces one guest every week, and this week features Sulli and Key.
Check out the clip below!

 My tips :
I often hear Koreans always clean the face using the step ' double cleansing ' whereby they use cleansing twice for the results really clean . So use :For cleansing step :

First , Cleansing Oil . The texture is light and oily . Korean people usually need only 2-3 pumps . It emulsifies Easily and it leaves their skin feeling soft and clean . It also effectively removes grease , dirt and makeup while protecting skin moisture .


Second , Cleansing Foam . Cleansing is more practical , easy to find and definitely clean , cleansing foam is also cheaper than other types . Everyone can use a cleansing foam , cleansing foam for many different types of skin  . One that you have to remember , your cleansing foam should not make your skin feel dry ato ' tight ' after using that . Too often clean the face with cleansing foam is also not good , because it would damage the natural moisture of your skin

If you have trouble skin like acne and pimples you try AC Clinic Facial Foam from Etude ^^

And after that  for the third step use Toner.
Toner is generally used as a refreshing facial toner with regular use can help shrink pores. Sometimes not only the specific toner toners, but can also contain the remedy for skin problems, because the toner is more easily absorbed than cream.

If you have a larged pores, i recomended you to use Wonder Pore Freshner by Etude. It comes with 7 benefits :
-Maintains ph 4.5 to within 1 ph
-Refines the skin tones
-Keep the elasticity of pores
-Deep cleanses pores
-Minimize appearance of pores
-Control a large amount of the sebum (oil control)
-Moisturize inside and outside of skin

Fourth step is use serum.
Serum is excellent in use for facial skin with age 23-70 years , because at that age the symptoms and effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays , environmental pollution and the effects of free radicals is quite high . And some of the benefits obtained from a serum .1 . Make the skin more supple , toned and limber skin .2 . Moisturize the skin .3 . Disguise wrinkles on the skin of the face and neck areas .4 . Smoothes and brightens the skin.5 . Provide more nutrients to the skin .6 . Prevent the adverse effects of sunlight and air pollution .7 . Prevents premature aging .8 . Eliminating black spots on the face

The fifth step is Moisturizer. 
Moisturizer is a moisturizer that is able to restore the skin's natural keratin proteins. Keratin protein is the material basis of human skin forming. Keratin proteins needed to keep skin moist, smooth and healthy. At the time of dry skin, natural moisture is reduced and the pH value is low due to lack of protein keratin. Wearing moisturaizer assist in raising the pH value of the skin and increase the production of keratin.

Beauty Tips :
- If you are more active outside the home, use a moisturizer as often as possible to avoid dry skin.
- How to use the right moisturizer is poured into the palm of the hand and rub until warm, then apply to the face and neck and massage gently so completely absorbed. Korean people used to rub moisturizer to warm because the warm flow generated from the second hand, it can help the absorption process moisturizer.

The sixth step is Sunblock / Sun cream
Sunblock is a must have product in Korea. Usually Sunblock contains vitamin C, which are antioxidants, it also contains vitamin E to prevent flaking skin caused by sunlight.
The products that have the label "contains UVA / UVB filters" or SPF less than 15 is classified as sunscreens or creams that contain only ultraviolet light filtering materials.  

While the total can be interpreted as a protective sunblock that blocks the entry of high levels of ultraviolet light, which has an SPF over 15.

 Okey~! We've done with my tips for  morning skincare routine : cleansing oil > cleansing foam > toner > serum > moisturizer (but acctualy i skip serun step, because i think i don't need it right now :D)
But, after that you can use base make up > cc cream (i don't have cc  cream right now, but maybe sometimes, and i recomended you to use this ;D) > bb cream > concealer (for perfect coverage) > powder pact > lip balm (i have dry lips T.T) > facial mist.

Base Make Up / Prime Base
Make up primer function is to condition the skin provide extra moisture after use of moisturizers and prepare the skin for the use of foundation / powder in a manner softens skin texture. So do not be surprised if after the use of foundation / powder so it looks more even, natural looking and long lasting ^^

CC Cream
For CC cream i recomended you to use etude cc cream, because there's so many beauty blogger recomended it too ^^ it comes with two function : Silky (white) for matte finish to oily skin. Glow (pink) for glowy finish to dry skin.

Descritpion :
 #1 Silky
This multitasking, 8-in-1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside.
It glides on with a silky smooth finish.

#2 Glow
This multitasking, 8-in-1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside.
It glides on with a glowing finish.
 BB Cream
BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream is the secret of Korea's beautiful face can make them brighter skin naturally. The benefits of BB cream is a moisturizer, primer (basic make-up) and the foundation. BB cream also comes with SPF to protect skin from the sun.
I usually use : Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit with SPF 30 ^^

Concealer is often used to cover eye bags and also to cover the black spots / pimples are still visible in order to get the face looks bright and clean.

Powder is typically used to provide a matte result and also to menngorntrol sebum / oil overload in the face, so the face will feel smooth and fresh-looking.
 Lip Balm
If you have a dry lips like me, i recomended you to buy a lipbalm. Lip balm can help you to make you lips getting more smooth and also avoid to dry lip ^^ I usually use The Face Shopp Lovely me:ex Dessert Time Lip Balm #Honey ^^ i like the applicator and the tube, so cutee >.<

And the last is Facial Mist
Facial mist spray facial freshener spray is a liquid that serves to refresh the skin. Face Mist usually have a variety of content that has many benefits for the skin. Like, sunscreen, antioxidants, sea algae, aloe vera, moisturizing, water and minerals to provide nutrients and protection for the skin. To solve your facial skin is getting dry and lethargic, you can use a face mist after bermake-up. However, you can also use a face mist before bermake-up whose function is to help the skin retain moisture.
I used The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist Jeju Marine ^^ after spray it my face getting more fresh and also smooth ^^

For more tips you can watch this :D

From Suzy ^^

So that's all about kpop idol and my skincare tips and also my morning skincare routine tips ^^
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 if you like my posting don't forget to follow me or give some comment and i will reply as soon as possible ;)
Byee~ ^^

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